About 9 Lines Fly Fishing

What is 9 Lines Fly Fishing?

The idea of 9 Line Fly Fishing started when I began to teach a few guys at my unit how to cast a fly rod and encourage them to get fly fishing. Little lessons turned into bigger trips. 9 Lines Fly Fishing truly came into fruition after looking back and having a desire to do it all at a larger scale.

Why "9 Line" Fly Fishing?

In a military setting, a 9 line is usually used to call in medical extraction for wounded personnel. 9 Line Fly Fishing has an ethos of helping those who need help by reaching out, building a community, and getting them on the water. By creating a network of people who fly fish, we can help the community deal with things like PTSD by getting them outdoors and with a group of supportive peers. 9 Line Fly Fishing is about calling your friends and getting out into the wild.